A refusal of planning permission is not the end.

40% of householder appeals are successful.
easyappeals is a fast, efficient and affordable appeal service.

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Why should I appeal?

Around 70,000 planning applications are refused in England & Wales every year. 

Only 20% of those decisions are appealed - most people just give up.

Of the decisions that are appealed, around 40% are successful (planning permission is granted).

Some people don't appeal because they assume the council knows what it is doing.

Others can't afford expensive consultants or don't know how to go about it.

easyappeals is a fast and affordable way to appeal.

We charge just £399 to prepare, submit and manage your appeal.

A single, upfront fee. No extras. No hidden costs.

Who is the service for?

It is mainly aimed at householders who are appealing against a refusal of planning permission for an extension. 

Our £399 service is not for large schemes or complicated proposals.

But we can help with those too - just contact us for a quote.

What do I get?

You get the services of a chartered town planner.

All of our planners have degrees in planning and have worked both as case officers in local councils and in the private sector.

They have approved and refused applications just like yours, countless times.

They will produce a written report (of around 1,500 words) explaining why the council's decision is wrong.

They will submit the appeal and manage all liaison with the council and the appeal inspector.

What do I not get?

This is a budget service - we provide quick, low cost appeals.

Planning consultants typically charge £1000s for planning appeals.

You DO get the services of a talented and experienced planner. You will work together over email to produce a persuasive appeal statement. 

But you DO NOT get the opportunity to meet your consultant or to discuss your case in great detail over the phone.

Will I need to do anything?

Very little!

Your planning consultant will take care of (almost) everything.

Householders appeals (for extensions) are decided based on the appeal statement that we produce and on the documents already submitted with your planning application.

The only thing you need to do is give access to the appeal inspector for a site visit - this is just a 5-10 minute inspection and the inspector will not discuss the case with you.

What if I am not sure about appealing?

If you are not sure if you want to appeal, but do want to know if the council's decision was fair, consider our case review service.

For a fee of £99, a chartered planner (and former council case officer)  will provide you with a written review of the decision, telling you:

  1. Why your application was refused

  2. Whether the decision was fair (in our consultant's opinion)

  3. How your proposal might be revised to make it acceptable

  4. Whether you should appeal the decision

single, fixed price


case reviews

What if I have more questions?

Check out our appeal or case review pages for more information on each service.

We also have a blog.

And feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Otherwise, click here to sign up!

What some of our clients have said

"My husband and I are delighted that we chose easyappeals for our appeal after our porch extension was refused. Michael was brilliant, the report was fantastic and our appeal was a success!"

Lauren Somers, Birmingham

“Brilliant work - I am so impressed. The appeal statement was really good and James was really helpful the whole way through. He said we'd probably get it, and we did! Highly recommend

Matthew Cole, 


“After 9 months and 2 refusals I had nearly given up on getting permission. Michael put the document together brilliantly and we won the appeal. Such a relief. Thanks to the whole team.”

Daniel Burton,


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