appeal for a one-off, fixed fee of £399

What's a planning appeal?

If you have been refused planning permission and think that the council has made the wrong decision, you should consider an appeal. ​

Appeals are made not to your local council but to a central government agency (the planning inspectorate). 


If a planning inspector decides that the council's decision is unfair, he/she will grant you planning permission.

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How does an appeal work?

The process is very straightforward. We will prepare, submit and manage your appeal  for you.

One of our experienced planning consultants will write a detailed appeal statement (you can download an example statement here), and send it to you to review within 7 working days


Once the appeal atatement has been finalised, your consultant will submit the appeal online.

The inspector will consider the plans, the council's decision and the appeal statement​​ and come to a decision.


Decisions for householder appeals take around 3 months (check with us for up to date timings).

This is a summary of the appeal process - for more information on householder appeals, check the government's guidance at:

Do I need to do anything?

We can usually obtain the plans and the decision from the council's website, so you will not need to​ send us anything.

Householder appeals must be submitted within 12 weeks of the council's decision, so contact us as soon as you can.

You may need to provide access for a quick site visit - the inspector will not discuss the case with you and the visit is straightforward. 

Appeals are free - the only cost is our single, fixed fee of £399. 

What are my chances?

According to data from the planning inspectorate, in 38% of all householder ​appeals in which a decision was made, planning permission was granted.

This may seem low, but lots of householder appeals are weak and badly argued. Some proposals don't deserve to be approved. 

There is no point in appealing unless you have a good case and can present that case well. 


If you are not sure whether you have a good case and would like some independent advice, consider our £99 case review service.

What if I lose?

If you appeal is not successful, we will explain why the inspector did not grant permission and provide some advice on your options.

The inspector may indicate how a proposal might be changed or improved. If so, we would normally recommend you revise the design and submit a new application to the council. 

Great, what's next?

If you have any questions, drop us a line. ​

Our blog has more information on appeals.

If you would like to appeal, go to our sign up page. 

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