an independent, objective review of your case for £99

What is the case review service?

If you have been refused planning permission, you will want to know why the application was refused and if the council's decision was fair.

For a fee of just £99, one of our experienced planning consultants will look at your plans, some satellite images of your property and the surrounding area and at the details of the council's decision. He/she will then provide you with a written opinion of whether the decision was justified.

If the decision is fair, we will let you know how you might change your plans to get a better result.


If we think it was unfair, we will take you through your options, including an appeal

Why should I pay for a case review?

Lots of consultancies will review your case for free, and quote for any work they offer.

The problem with this is that they have an incentive to provide advice that generates work for them and, because the review itself is free, they are not incentivised to put a lot of time or effort into it. 

In other words, you get what you pay for - if you want an independent, unbiased review of the council's decision, it is better to pay a fee.

Do your consultants know their stuff?

All of our planning consultants are chartered planners with at least 10 years experience.


They have worked both in local councils and in private practice. Because they were once case officers, they know how decisions are made and how case officers think. They can usually tell very quickly if a decision is fair or not. 

What's the process?

We ask for a payment of £99. You will then be allocated one of our consultants who will look up your case on your local council's website and will review your plans, local policies and the decision.

You will receive a written (emailed) response within 3 working days. Please click here to see a sample response.

You will have the opportunity to respond with any questions you might have or to clarify anything that your consultant has said.

Unfortunately, our consultants cannot enter into very lengthy or detailed email exchanges - the £99 covers approximately 1 hour of a consultant's time in total.

Great, what's next?

If you have any questions, drop us a line. ​

Our blog has more information on what your options are when your planning application is refused.

If you would like a case review, go to our sign up page. 

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